Re-Opening Promotion

For a limited time only, the first 10 students to pre-purchase memberships in 2021 get a free private lesson from one of our participating instructors

Membership Options

OptionsMuay Thai ProgramWomen's Only Kickboxing
1 Year Membership$1085$816
6 Month Membership$610$460
Monthly Membership$113$85

Prices are subject to HST

Our memberships are contract free, join and cancel anytime!

We also offer tiers of private lessons

A) Private lessons:

From $60-120 per session, you will work 1-on-1 with one of our professional athlete instructors.

Encouraged for students who want to strive to fight in A class level competition by improving technique and learning from the expertise of seasoned fight experience.

Each session is tailored to your needs on an individual basis.

B) Padholding Session:

For $50 for 5 rounds, get paired with an experienced padholder. Increase your accuracy, power, and tips to improve technique.

C) Personalized Mini Class:

For a flat $50 fee, get an hour long personalized mini-class. Come in with a group and receive instruction from an instructor.