Andre Tokarcyk

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Meet Andre, a dedicated member of our martial arts family who embarked on his Muay Thai journey at Westside 8 years ago. Today, he stands as a respected instructor, drawing from his extensive fight experience to guide and inspire his students.

Andre's teaching philosophy revolves around breaking down complex skills into manageable components, facilitating rapid improvement and understanding. His passion for Muay Thai is contagious, as he strives to help individuals of all levels discover the same joy and fulfillment that this discipline has brought him.

Ben Pride

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Ben, the owner of Westside Muaythai, holds titles such as World Muaythai Council International Champion, USKA Champion, and Victory Muaythai Champion in Montreal.

Having accumulated over 40 fights and competed on some of the most prestigious international platforms across the Americas and Thailand, Ben brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. As an instructor, he possesses a unique ability to cater to students of any skill level and body type, ensuring that each individual receives personalized attention and guidance.

Ben's influence extends beyond the classroom, as he has played a pivotal role in shaping the success of numerous fighters within our community. His dedication to the craft and unwavering commitment to his students serve as a testament to his passion for Muay Thai.

Dan Zhou

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Meet Dan, a seasoned fighter with an impressive track record of 30 fights, including securing the Silvertooth kickboxing title in Montreal. Renowned for his unwavering dedication and consistency, Dan stands as one of our most committed athletes.

In the ring, Dan's tenacity and skill shine through, earning him respect among his peers and adversaries alike. His disciplined approach to training and competition serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring fighters within our community.

Gram Stuart

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Gram, our distinguished instructor, holds accomplishments such as the Max Muay Thai Global Fight Champion and TBA Champion. His expertise extends far beyond the confines of the ring, having battled opponents across the globe in renowned venues from the US to Italy and Thailand.

With a wealth of experience under his belt, Gram is not only a seasoned competitor but also a masterful teacher. His teaching style is tailored for those who thrive through hands-on learning, making him an invaluable asset to our team. Whether in the ring or the classroom, Gram's passion for imparting knowledge and honing skills knows no bounds.

James Mahoney

Meet James, a co-founder of Westside Muay Thai and a master at dissecting the intricacies of body mechanics for the sport. With unparalleled expertise, James has played a pivotal role in refining the technique of our fighters, instilling in them the principles of balance and power.

Through his meticulous guidance and keen understanding of biomechanics, James has helped shape the skills of our athletes, elevating their performance to new heights. His ability to break down complex movements into digestible components has empowered our fighters to achieve greater precision and effectiveness in the ring.

Maddox Bower

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Maddox, our dynamic young instructor, brings an unbeatable combination of passion and skill to our team. With an outstanding 10-1 record as a champion, Maddox embarked on his journey in 2019, driven by a desire to master self-defense. Since then, he has evolved into a remarkable athlete, demonstrating dedication and perseverance in every endeavor.

Eager to pay forward his wealth of experience, Maddox has embraced the role of educator with enthusiasm. As one of our esteemed kids' instructors, he fosters an environment of growth and empowerment, instilling invaluable lessons both on and off the mat. With a natural flair for teaching, Maddox endeavors to inspire the next generation, igniting within them the same passion for martial arts that has fueled his own journey.

Menad Sekhi

Meet Menad, a lifelong devotee to the art of martial arts whose journey led him to embrace the discipline of Muay Thai in 2010. Since then, he has honed his skills through rigorous training and competition, amassing a remarkable record that includes multiple victories, with three wins secured by knockout or technical knockout.

Menad's achievements speak volumes about his prowess in the ring, having earned the titles of TBA champion in 2015 and WKF champion in 2016. As an instructor, Menad channels his passion and expertise into his teaching style, which is deeply rooted in the authentic Westside Muay Thai training regimen.

His approach emphasizes the importance of physical conditioning and utilizes boxing techniques to enhance the arsenal of Muay Thai weapons available to his students. With Menad as their guide, students embark on a transformative journey, mastering not only the techniques of Muay Thai but also cultivating the endurance and versatility necessary for success in the ring.

Nick Wang

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Nick boasts the title of 2 Time TBA (Thai Boxing Association) Champion. Nick's journey has taken him from the rings of Thailand to the competitive arenas of Canada, where he has faced off against some of the top talent in his weight class.

Drawing from his diverse background in teaching various sports, Nick brings a tailored approach to his Muay Thai sessions, ensuring that each student receives personalized attention to maximize their growth and development sustainably. His teaching philosophy centers around honing the fundamentals and perfecting clean technique, laying a strong foundation for the mastery of Muay Thai.

With Nick as their mentor, students embark on a journey of refinement and excellence, guided by his expertise and dedication to cultivating beautiful, effective Muay Thai.

Noah Kirby

Meet Noah, a dedicated athlete who embodies the value of hard work and determination in martial arts. Over four years of training with us, Noah has participated in 10 fights, showcasing his commitment to the sport. With a focus on clinching, Noah's strengths lie in his exceptional cardio and well-timed maneuvers in the ring. He pushes himself and his fellow students to work their hardest, leveraging his tenacity as a secret weapon in his fights. Join us as we train alongside Noah, embracing the ethos of hard work and perseverance on our martial arts journey.

Wayne Palombo

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Wayne is a cornerstone of Westside Muay Thai and a driving force behind the gym's legacy. As one of our esteemed instructors and an original owner, Wayne has played an integral role in shaping the culture and success of our community.

Wayne's influence extends far beyond the confines of the gym, as his expertise as a professor of mechanical engineering informs his methodical approach to teaching martial arts. With precision and care, he breaks down techniques and develops strategies, laying the groundwork for fighters to excel both inside and outside the ring.

Throughout the years, Wayne has served as a mentor and guide to all of our coaches, imparting invaluable wisdom and knowledge that have become fundamental pillars of our training philosophy. His dedication and passion for the sport have left an indelible mark on Westside Muay Thai, inspiring generations of fighters to strive for greatness.