Andre Tokarcyk

image alt #leftAndre started his Muay Thai Journey at Westside and is now a junior instructor with fight experience who breaks down skills and helps students improve quickly. Andre is passionate about helping people at all levels improve their skills and find the same joy he found in Muay Thai.

Antonio Arnold

image alt #right 40 fights, multiple professional fights in Canada and Thailand. Antonio is a skilled technical fighter who is great at breaking down techniques. He has won the World Kickboxing Federation international title, and the Ontario provincial championship. Antonio is an instructor with great depth and understanding of Thai culture and competitive scoring in both North America and Thailand.

Ben Pride

image alt #left World Muaythai Council International Champion, USKA Champion, Victory Muaythai Champion (Montreal). Ben has 40 fights and fought professionally on some of the biggest international shows across the Americas and Thailand. Ben teaches any skill level and tailors to different body style, personally responsible for the success of some of our fighters.

Gram Stuart

image alt #right Max Muay Thai Global Fight Champion and TBA Champion, Gram's fought all over the world from the US, to Italy, and Thailand. He has extensive experience teaching and is great for those who learn by doing.

Jasper Davenport

I like to pick exercises that challenge ranges of motion that we use in the sport, as well as bring up the strength of ranges we don't to build up injury resilience and overall strength.

Jasper has been involved in the sport of Muay Thai for a decade in which time he has spent 5+ years as an instructor and coach/padholder. Over the last few years he has shifted his own training from muay thai to more of a strength and movement quality focus. As a Registered Massage Therapist, he has developed a good understanding of the human body, movement, and exercise selection to complement Muay Thai training.

Jasper is available for 1 on 1 training for: Strength, hypertrophy, Muay Thai, and Mobility. In addition he can offer training programs of 4-6 weeks with online support and feedback.


  • 2015 WKA National tournament champion 159 lb novice class
  • Registered Massage Therapist
  • FRCms ( Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist)
  • Currently enrolled in CPPS level 1 certification for strength and conditioning
  • Has spent time in Thailand to hone his techniques and learn more about the nuances of the sport
  • Over 5 years of experience coaching and instructing Muay Thai

Menad Sekhi

Menad has been passionate about martial his entire life and started training Muay Thai in 2010. Since then he's competed multiples times with 3 wins coming by KO/TKO. 2015 TBA champion and 2016 WKF champion. His teaching style is built upon the authentic Westside Muay Thai training regiment with an emphasis on physical condition and using boxing techniques to add versatility to the students toolbox of Muay Thai weapons.

Nick Wang

image alt #left 2 Time TBA Champion, Nick has experience fighting in Thailand and competing with some of the top talent in his weight class here in Canada. With experience teaching a number of sports, Nick tailors his sessions to each student to help them improve as sustainably as posssible. He focuses on fundamentals and clean technique to help establish a strong base for beautiful, effective Muay Thai.

Vince Veys Germann

I started training Muay Thai in January of 2011. I was trying to work out in the Highschool weight room, where I saw two guys from my bus play-sparring together. I asked them about it and they invited me to the gym to try it out. I guess you could say it was love at first fight 😉

I was very overweight at the time, but formed a disciplined lifestyle through the sport. In addition to setting goals and competing, Muay Thai helped me lose 120 lbs. This lifestyle and transformative experience translated nicely to a career in facilitating others on a similar path. For me, maintaining that lifestyle and entering the ring to fight is the certificate of legitimacy in the industry.

Vince has been training for a decade, with over 20 fights experience. Having undergone a life transformation through his love of the sport, he has a deep understanding of what it's like to fight against adversity and come out on top.


  • 2x Ontario Provincial Champion
  • Fitness and Health Promotion Diploma at Algonquin College
  • Forming fundamental combative effectiveness and fight-psychology; as well as fitness and body weight-management strategy.
  • 4 years club and event Security work.